544989_383442828370647_923425838_nClaudia turned seven years old on 16th February 2013. When Claudia was just five years old in June 2011, our lives were changed and dare I say it, ruined forever, when we learnt that Claudia had an inoperable brain tumour. Claudia had always been an incredibly healthy little girl but in June 2011, she started to vomit after returning home from a family holiday. Over the coming days she never felt any better. We took her to our GP’s who in turn referred us to Lincoln County Hospital. They discharged us the same day saying that she had a virus. We took her back. Over the next few days they did a ct scan, a lumbar puncture and an mri and we were told that all three were clear/normal. They diagnosed her with a squint and gave us some plasters with instruction to return for an eye test in six weeks.

I wasn’t convinced and so we requested to be referred to a different hospital and that is where our long, difficult and painful journey started with Queens Medical Centre (QMC) Nottingham. They looked at Lincoln County Hospitals mri and spotted an inoperable brain tumour in the centre of our daughters brain.

Over the next couple of weeks we were to learn that Claudia’s tumour was cancerous, incredibly rare and aggressive and it didn’t even have a 5% survival rate worldwide. She was diagnosed with Metastatic PineoBlastoma.